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I am a UK-based illustrator and writer. I make illustrations and comics about people and places, using drawing, painting and printmaking.

I’m interested in ideas about story and memory, as well as home, and our relationship with the places where we live. I love to read poetry and fiction, and pick up ideas and inspiration from them, and to remember the atmosphere of a good film by trying to paint a scene from memory.

Before training in printmaking I studied literature and writing, which has shaped the way I make my illustrations. Inspired by flash fiction and poetry, I love to try and capture a sense of a story in one image. (And to use a handful of images to tell one story.) I’ve been making comics since I was a teenager. I sometimes publish them in handmade books, which I’ve exhibited in Bristol, Edinburgh, Berlin and Tokyo.

My work has been published in Little White Lies, TrailsNB magazine and Ernest Journal. I created the interior illustrations for a YA novel which was published in 2018, and a children’s cookbook in 2021. In 2019 I was awarded the St Bride Library/Wynkyn de Worde prize for my cover design for Louis Sachar’s novel Holes.

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All images © Miranda Harris 2023

  All images © Miranda Harris 2023